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Gee’s Bend

Directed by: T. S. Edwards

First-Round Auditions: Video submission deadline Monday, December 14th by 6 PM

Callbacks Thursday, December 17th 7 – 9 PM

ACT1 Theater acknowledges the nature of theater due to COVID19.  This play was chosen specifically for its small cast size and ability to maximize social distancing during rehearsals; if we are not able to accommodate live audiences, we have plans for livestreaming or recorded video subscriptions… actors and crews should still have the fruits of their labor appreciated by the public.  We will have plans and procedures in place for rehearsals and performances to ensure the best possible healthy environment for our actors and audiences.

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Synopsis: Gee’s Bend is the story of the Pettway women, quilters from the isolated community of Gee’s Bend, Alabama. Beginning in 1939, the play follows Alice, her daughters Sadie and Nella, and Sadie’s husband, Macon, through segregation, family strife, and the Civil Rights movement. Throughout their lives, the women’s extraordinary quilts provide a respite from the turmoil around them. In the last act of the play, it is the year 2000; the quilts have been discovered as folk art and have become very valuable. Sadie is pleased with the recognition, but despite the lure of the big city, she returns to Gee’s Bend and continues to quilt. Wilder’s play explores the resilience of the human spirit, especially as it is expressed in art.

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